The book

Mary Freer’s book is here and she’s been waiting for you.


Compassion Revolution:
Start Now*
Use What You Have*
Keep Going*

Mary Freer imagined a compassion revolution taking place in the healthcare sector. Her dreams turned into actions, and spread like wildfire through the ranks of doctors, nurses, aged care workers, executives, CEOs, not-for-profit leaders and entrepreneurs from London to Australia. 

What had these professionals so enthralled? 

A new, research-backed take on the power of compassion. Not fluffy. Not nice-to-have. Not kindness, even. No. This is compassion as a revolutionary act. A swath through bullying, blaming and exclusionary workplaces. A full stop to the many destructive practices that drive down the quality of work performance and wear away our mental wellbeing.

This revolution demands compassion both fearless and forthright. It is compassion as a fortress, a balm and a life raft. And the research is clear: compassion is also the path to more productive, more profitable and far friendlier, more fulfilling workplaces.    

Come and join the compassion revolution. Drawing on decades of experience incubating revolutionaries in her Compassion Labs, Mary Freer makes it easier than you can imagine.

When reading Compassion Revolution, be prepared for a warm hug and a push between the shoulder blades. The time is right to start now. Freer shows you how to use what you have and keep going until the revolution is won.

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The four steps of compassion

We know that compassion makes moral and economic sense but how do we practise it and maintain our joy and care for ourselves? 

I have designed a simple four-step process to help you understand how compassion works. In Chapter Two, you will discover SUMA and the art of Showing Up, Understanding, Moving Closer and Acting. With practice, these steps will become your default response in times of happiness and distress.

Every single time I meet Mary I feel better about myself, my life and the world around me. I don’t know how that happens, but if this book comes anywhere close to explaining it, you must buy it for everyone you know. Straight away.

Ross Fisher
Consultant Paediatric Surgeon
Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Mary is the real deal.
She transformed the way I conceptualise compassion: a muscular strength best tended to with attention and delight. Anything Mary leads is a “YES PLEASE!” for me.

Shannon Weber
Author of Show Up Hard: A Roadmap for Helpers in Crisis.

Mary has been our fairy godmother, sprinkling compassion over everything she does.  Whether she is conducting one-on-one interviews with Hollywood stars, facilitating small group workshops, or hosting large events she makes sure the audience knows that it is never about her, but about us, and how we can all be compassionate. 

Andrew Tagg
Emergency Medicine Consultant and Co-founder of Don’t Forget The Bubbles

Mary Freer brings a fresh perspective to the role of compassion in our lives. This has really resonated with me personally and many of our staff at Ambulance Victoria who have attended her workshops and conferences. She has an innate ability to bring those from different backgrounds together for a common purpose. 

Professor Tony Walker
Chief Executive Officer
Ambulance Victoria.

Mary brings compassion to life; Mary’s passion, kindness and straight talk makes ‘compassion’ a real, tangible, practical and ‘doable’ practice in our daily interactions, especially in the workplace. I am sure her book will be a deeper extension into this work – I can’t wait to get my copy.

Shweta Gidwani
Emergency Medicine Physician

When I first met Mary Freer I realised what it meant to have an ‘aura’ and ever since her energy and commitment to bring this Compassion Revolution to life has been awe inspiring and done in a way that is truly Mary – full of generosity, humility, creativity, ruckus making, and an unapologetic commitment to make change.

Heath Evans
Marketing, Collaborations & Communications Manager
University of Melbourne