Our mission is to bring radical compassion front and centre to the world of work.

Compassion as a tool for change

You were born with the innate biological and neurophysiological capacity for compassion. It is your birthright, and every day you are invited to extend this essential goodness towards yourself and others.

Compassion is the force that will mend the world, starting with the space right in front of you.

Our call is for humans to compassionately step forward. We call this:


We build compassion at work.

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We build compassion at work, in places of care.

Compassion Labs

You want to work with more compassion towards yourself, your colleagues, your clients or patients, even in difficult times. Compassion Lab expands what is possible.

Our Labs are designed for people who want to expand their leadership offering, build resilience, establish boundaries and strengthen their emotional intelligence.


Often the next step after Compassion Labs, these are action-based groups where activated people experiment with ideas to grow compassion at scale.

This year-long module is held in an online, facilitated environment to bring people together to support compassionate cultures and practices at work.

Train the Trainer

Having completed a minimum of three Compassion Labs, makes an organisation eligible to undertake our Train the Trainer modules. This is a high level developmental opportunity for your staff.

Train the Trainer is designed for a group of twelve people with high-level facilitation skills, who want to build a groundswell of compassion and respect across their organisation.


Leaders need to know how to hold power and distribute it — and they need to seek out diverse voices and find common ground.

This work takes courage and practice. We’re interested in the interior world of leaders and how we can help them build the muscle for compassion. This is how we will shift the world of care.


An organisation is as good as its people and culture. Acknowledging this, Compassionate Ecosystems identifies opportunities to further support people by building in compassion into work places and spaces.

Coming soon in 2024.


Compassion Revolution Conference

A conference like no other

For five years, Compassion Revolution gathered together a groundswell of healthcare workers over two days. We met an astounding array of national and international speakers, undertook workshops and were captivated by the creative program—all set to build a compassion muscle.


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The Book

Compassion Revolution
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A new, research-backed take on the power of compassion. Not fluffy. Not nice-to-have. Not kindness, even. No. This is compassion as a revolutionary act. A swath through bullying, blaming and exclusionary workplaces. A full stop to the many destructive practices that drive down the quality of work performance and wear away our mental wellbeing.

These are some of the many organisations we’ve worked with

Royal Melbourne Hospital
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SE Sydney Local Health District Logo
Illawarra Shoalhaven LHD
Beryl Institute

I can’t thank you enough. I felt more affirmed that I am on the right path than I have felt in years. I felt as though I belonged and that I wasn’t the only one ‘going on’ about the issue of compassion in healthcare.

Dr Nadia Chaves
Physician in General Medicine
Alfred Health

Mary Freer is a marvel: the way she brings people together to imagine new futures for healthcare is filled with energy, curiosity and joy. Mary leads from a deep understanding of healthcare as a human system. As a consumer and as a researcher I value Mary’s commitment to good evidence, and to achieving change that puts people first.

Assoc Prof Kate Bowles
University of Wollongong

Mary is a visionary, transformative and inclusive leader who inspires and amplifies the leadership and learning of others through her work, events, and training. In a time of Covid-19 pandemic Mary was able to rapidly respond and cultivate a community of practice that facilitated deep learning and shifts in resources, mindsets and priorities to provide support and attention where it was most needed.

Jane Sloane
Senior Director, Women’s Empowerment Program
The Asia Foundation

Mary Freer is the real deal. She transformed the way I conceptualise compassion: a muscular structure of strength best tended to with attention and delight. Anything Mary leads is a “YES PLEASE!” fri me.

Shannon Weber
Author of Show Up Hard: A Roadmap for Helpers in Crisis

Mary has been our fairy godmother, sprinkling compassion over everything she does. Whether it is conducting one-on-one interviews with Hollywood stars, facilitating small group workshops, or hosting large events she makes sure the audience knows that it is never about her, but about us, and how we can all be more compassionate

Dr Andrew Tagg
Emergency Medicine Consultant

Mary is a force of nature. Her drive, passion and vision for a more compassionate world is both inspiring and practically informative. I deeply value my work with Mary, and I’m energised and learn from her every time we talk.

Micaela Cronin
Director, Future Social Service Institute

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