Compassion Revolution: Start Now. Use What You Have. Keep Going.

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Mary Freer imagined a compassion revolution taking place in the healthcare sector. Her dreams turned into actions, and spread like wildfire through the ranks of doctors, nurses, aged care workers, executives, CEOs, not-for-profit leaders and entrepreneurs from London to Australia.

What had these professionals so enthralled?

A new, research-backed take on the power of compassion. Not fluffy. Not nice-to-have. Not kindness, even. No. This is compassion as a revolutionary act. A swath through bullying, blaming and exclusionary workplaces. A full stop to the many destructive practices that drive down the quality of work performance and wear away our mental wellbeing.

This revolution demands compassion both fearless and forthright. It is compassion as a fortress, a balm and a life raft. And the research is clear: compassion is also the path to more productive, more profitable and far friendlier, more fulfilling workplaces.

Come and join the compassion revolution. Drawing on decades of experience incubating revolutionaries in her Compassion Labs, Mary Freer makes it easier than you can imagine.

When reading Compassion Revolution, be prepared for a warm hug and a push between the shoulder blades. The time is right to start now. Freer shows you how to use what you have and keep going until the revolution is won.