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We gather to exchange ideas.

A Salon Series in 2024

These gatherings are designed to bring us together, live in one space, not through the computer screen, but in real life. We want to introduce you to some of the incredible revolutionaries we’re connected to. These are thinkers, academics, artists, educators, writers and clinicians, all working to make the world a more radically compassionate place.

This isn’t a ‘networking’ event, it’s a moment to connect, human to human. No need to bring business cards or prepare to spruik. Salons are all about beautiful questions and ideas bursting with curiosity.

We’re making a place where we can share our insights and quandaries, and strengthen our relationships by listening to, feeling with, and supporting each other. Our intention is to build the muscle of Compassion in our work and in yours.

Our first speaker

Rachel Callander

Rachel Callandar holding a cat

The Art and Science of using words to heal

Thursday 14 March, 2024
4pm — 6pm


Rachel Callander is an award winning photographer, artist, storyteller and facilitator. She is the creator of the Super Power Baby Project, an internationally celebrated book featuring her striking photographic portraits of children with chromosomal and genetic conditions.

Rachel has just returned from Stanford University in Palo Alto, San Francisco, where she was invited to speak at the Centre for Academic Medicine as part of the inaugural Grand Rounds presentation for the Jonathan Xu Memorial Series.

Rachel Callander uses powerful imagery and storytelling to raise the profile of children with disabilities, showcase their unique strengths and to directly challenge the deficit language often used around disability.

Rachel will introduce you to the subtle art of paying attention, of finding joy in grief and celebrating all that makes our soul sing. If you’ve ever found yourself lost for words, stumbling with a lexicon that feels diminishing, searched for more beautiful and nourishing ways to describe the human experience then Rachel will speak directly to your heart.

Rachel Callander has experienced profound grief and loss, she has seen humanity and abundance in typically unseen places, and told people to look, to pay attention. When she speaks, you can hear joy and pain all at once; this is clearly someone who has felt the extremes of life and held the tension. While she works closely with words, and advocates for more empowering language to be used in healthcare, she also believes there is more to communication than what we say. That’s one of the lessons her daughter Evie taught her. That when we quiet the mind and feel the connection, there’s actually an entire conversation going on right there between our bodies.

Nathan Scolaro,
Editor of Dumbo Feather

Rachel says, “I believe in the power of the human spirit. We all have the capacity to rise above, overcome our challenges, and to become the best version of ourselves. Some of us just need more support, patience, kindness, to be given a chance, to have our beauty found and seen, even though we’re broken.”

Read more about Rachel in her own words here.

Event details

Thursday 14 March, 2024
4pm — 6pm

Care of: The Wyatt Foundation
161 Frome Street Adelaide

$66.00 (incl. GST)

Light refreshments will be served. When you buy your ticket you will be asked about dietary exclusions and accessibility needs.

Future Salons

We intend to host four Salons throughout this year, and build these gatherings into our landscape. As our speakers firm up, you’ll find them listed here.

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