Our Values

Our values are more than human. We express them through all that we do.

Profound respect for people.

We acknowledge First Nations people’s sovereign rights and we keep a steady focus on the ways we must further the project of decolonisation.

We honour and respect the many ways of knowing, intuiting, dreaming and designing.

We celebrate the richness of diversity.

We recognise the crucial importance of safety.

We understand intersectionality and are committed to designing our offerings in ways that support those who experience complex systems of oppression.

We see the capacity for transformation in all.

We are willing to be vulnerable and brave and we support others to speak up.

Power of listening.

We want people to have all of their words. 

We listen for the distress in others and are committed to the alleviation of our collective suffering.

We practice mindfulness and we keep learning how to be compassionate towards ourselves.


We care for our community and our community generously cares for us.

We foster an awareness of our interdependence and interconnectedness with each other, other species and our fragile ecosystem, as well as the planet.

Generosity, reciprocity and abundance.

We create spacious boundaries so we can show-up big and give our time and our love when we can.

We love gifting and creating extra symbols of support.

We exchange our assets in support of other organisations and people.

We share what we learn and connect people to each other.


An arts based practice gives us great momentum for transformation and helps us see the unseen.

Creativity is embedded in our practice.

We say yes to imagination, playfulness and creative approaches.


We create all of our work with a determination for beauty.

We ask beautiful questions that rarely have simple answers.

We holdfast to the idea that beauty brings relief and is a gateway to love.