Our grounding values

People like us do things like this…

We are curious, open and respectful

This is a space to learn, share and grow together while showing respect for one another.

We make generous assumptions

We practice a default assumption that others are good, capable and worthy of compassion. We offer the benefit of the doubt.


Take the lessons , leave the details.

If an example is communicated in a specific space, we don’t share it beyond that group without express permission from the person who shared it.  It can be as simple as asking “ can I share that example with others?”

One person, one mic

When we meet on the platform one person speaks at a time.

We speak from our own experience

We make sure we’re not generalizing to entire groups of people or presuming anything about someone else’s experience. We speak with “I” statements and questions (I believe, I wonder, I struggle with, etc).

No-one knows everything; together we know a lot

We practice being humble and looking for what we have to learn from each person in the room. We share what we know, as well as our questions, so that others may learn from us. We’re building not selling.

Make space, take space

If we usually speak out and share often, this is an invitation to take the opportunity to “move up” and listen more deeply instead. On the flip side, if we tend to like to be in the background, and not share as often, then take the chance to “move up” and be heard.

We can’t be articulate all the time

As much as we may wish we could! We can feel hesitant to participate in a workshop or meeting for fear of “messing up” or stumbling over our words. We want everyone to feel comfortable participating, even if we don’t feel we have the perfect words to express our thoughts.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously

We laugh with ourselves and find joy being together.