Welcome to Panorama, a four week immersive workshop for doctors who want to grow and flourish and show up as their best selves.

If that’s you – you’ve come to right place.


Over four weeks you will meet with a small group of your colleagues in a purpose built, online environment fully supported by your facilitators to ask

questions, bring ideas and practice new skills. These four weeks about how we stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zone and maintain calm and

confidence. This is your opportunity to create a workshop with us that will serve others into the future.

What I notice, is the great reservoir of goodness – the people who want to make the world of work more beautiful, the clinicians who are ready to bring their full selves to work , the willingness to find a way through that is vibrant and alive.

Mary Freer

Many of us feel like this year is too close to the edge and we’re tired of feeling exhausted and out of control; like we’re about to fall off the edge. 

Are you living on that shaky edge and feel like somedays you could tumble?
Or do you seek out the edge and look for growth in that space?

 If you answered YES to either these: Panorama Gatherings are just for you. 

Panorama Gatherings are all about:

-chatting about the challenges that will hit us in 2022

– sharing our experiences

– figuring out how to grow in a challenge

-using evidence-based techniques to manage our stress

-learning about that space between every action and our response

-reframing our experiences 

-connecting with our colleagues

-growing our compassion muscle

-a time to exhale and decompress in a busy day

-a chance to be light-hearted and meaningful – just because it’s serious doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun.

Panorama Gatherings are NOT

-woo woo

-about having a moanfest (well maybe a very short one)

-fake joy or pretending everything is great.

When and Where:

All via ZOOM – you will find the zoom link for each session right here : https://compassionrevolution.care/private/austin-health-welcome

You will receive an invite with a password to log in to the Compassion Revolution Platform.

Look for My Groups and you will see Panorama – Austin.

Mary and Troye will send you the zoom links

Four Weeks of continuous peer to peer learning

Week One: 28th March 2022 at 2.00pm (60 mins)

Caring for ourselves with self compassion

Week Two : 4th April 2022 at 2.00pm (60 mins)

Gratitude – how this practice does everything from elevating our mood to changing our gene expression.

Session Three: 11th April 2022 at 2:00pm (60mins)

Working productively with stress – or how to show up for yourself when times are tough.

Session Four: 19th April 2022 at 2:00pm (60 mins)

Building our compassion muscle

Your Facilitators

Mary Freer, Compassion Revolutionary, author, coach and teacher. Mary has been working closely with healthcare professionals and leaders for over 20 years. Email: mary@freerthinking.com.au You can read more about Mary and her work at www.freerthinking.com.au Mobile: 0438 845200

Dr Troye Wallett,  who defines himself as a dad but is also a GP, entrepreneur, wellbeing and meaning coach, mountain bike rider, obsessed with self work and generosity, wannabe creative and fun-seeker.  Email: troye@troyewallett.com