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Compassion Revolution: The Podcast

Each week we dive into what it means to practice love, compassion and courage and all the hard work of showing up to shape a compassion revolution across healthcare.

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Episode 21: Meet My Friends

This week on the podcast we think about the real purpose of friendship and how we can be a generous and reliable friend to ourselves and others.

Episode 22: Post Conference Euphoria

The first Compassion Revolution Conference was last week and Mary is still on cloud 9. In this podcast she listens again to the amazing closing ceremony. Have you heard it ?

Episode 23: Is it love we need?

Everyday in so many ways we create these little temples to love. Mary keeps seeing them everywhere.

Episode 24: Clearing Snow

How do we manage Advantage Blindness, even when we are setting out to clear snow. Nothing is only as we experience it.

Episode 25: Being Me

What’s it like to be you? Mary asks the next question: what’s it like to be on the receiving end of you?

Episode 14: Relentless Optimism

Mary got challenged about her positivity and that got her thinking about how we make choices.

Episode 15: Activism

Do you ever feel disheartened? This week Mary remembers that change doesn’t happen like a shot out of a pistol. It happens in all these amazing incremental moments. People lay the ground work and often they don’t see the fruit of their work or they don’t recognise that their work was instrumental.

Episode 16: #realtalk

My friends us the term #realtruth to describe the things we need to say to people that sometimes feel really uncomfortable. Or the things we want to say about ourselves that take extra courage. This week it’s #realtalk

Episode 17: Bridging

As John Powell of the HAAS Institute says “Of all the forces shaping politics and power around the world, perhaps none are more important than our sense of who we are, and who we are becoming.” This week we look at Bridging and Breaking.

Episode 18: The Joy of it All

Serendipity takes over and Mary revisits the idea that joy is the labor by which we make the life we want to live possible. It’s like chopping wood and carrying water.

Episode 19: So grateful my brain is changing

This week on the podcast we discover that being grateful actually changes the molecular structure of our brains. Thanks for that!

Episode 20: Values

Understanding our values is powerful stuff. This week Mary bans the merch and encourages us all to own our values.

Episode 8: Self Compassion

What would it be like if we treated ourselves with as much care and respect and love as we would our dearest friends?

Episode 9: Thank You!

Did you know that gratitude boosts self-worth and self-efficacy? People feel happier and more trusting when we express our gratitude to them. Let’s go Good Finding.

Episode 10: Loneliness

Lots of research has shown us really clearly that loneliness can have lots of negative health effects. Loneliness is one of the largest health concerns we face. But what to do?

Episode 11: Grief

Just as surely as we have loved we will grieve. And when it comes into your life it’s like a tsunami isn’t it? This week we look at how we can be our most helpful when others are grieving.

Episode 12: Let’s get this revolution started

This week Mary shares her vision to activate a revolution and tells us what happens when you stop dreaming and start doing (cue: roll up sleeves).

Episode 13: Being Brave

Courage calls to courage everywhere!

This episode we look at the suffragists and the resistance workers all in the name of finding our brave. Oh, and Mary goes to Berlin and buys her foot an ice cream.

A revolution calls for people to take action and make change.

This is that call to action.

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Look Into My Eyes | Fiona Kerr: TEDx Northern Sydney Institute

Fiona Kerr will teaches us how part of understanding and valuing the dynamics of human interaction is knowing when it offers advantages over the technology-based interaction which is becoming pervasive in human society. She asks, what is getting in the way, and how do we ensure we connect?

Episode 7: Rudeness is killing us

When we work in an environment characterised by rudeness we actually miss information that is right in front of us. Let’s stamp out rudeness and spread that kindness around.

Does it have to take tragedy, or a disaster for us to feel deeply connected as one species?

Gill Hicks AM

True compassion requires empathy: the ability to see the other’s worldview. Sympathy and posturing power plays masquerade as empathy for those looking to check a box. Creating change is much more.

Shannon Weber

Compassionate people ask for what they need. They so no when they need to, and when they say yes they mean it. They’re compassionate because their boundaries keep them out of resentment.

Brené Brown

Episode 6: Leading and Flourishing

This week Mary gets into how we can enact a wholehearted rebellion just by ‘showing up’ as our true selves in a world that is obsessed with efficiency and rife with burn-out. How we can be compassionate and authentic leaders.

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Perfectly broken and ready to Heal | Robin Youngson: TEDxTauranga

This video was recorded at TEDx Tauranga, NZ. After 10 years spent trying to effect change in health care systems around the world, Robin Youngson has learned that the key to changing people’s minds, no matter your cause, lies in connecting with, not battling against each other.

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.

Audre Lorde

Episode 5: Compassion Transforms Us

Have you been elevated lately? Compassion is contagious and once we start to see good things happen we want to do more of them. We all want to be just like Jacinda Ardern right now.

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Stress and Compassion with James Doty, MD

In this video Prof James Doty, Clinical professor of Neurosurgery and the the Founder and Director of the Centre for Compassion and Altruism, Research and Education talk about the challenges of working in a stressful environment and how understanding the science of compassion can help.

One of the criticisms I’ve faced over the years is that I’m not aggressive or assertive enough…or maybe because I’m empathetic I’m weak. I totally rebel against that. I refuse to believe that you cannot be compassionate and strong.

Jacinda Ardern

What’s the strongest predictor of patient mortality rates? The % of staff working in well structured teams that have clear objectives and that meet regular and whose members work closely and effectively together.

NHS Staff Management and Health Service Quality

Episode 4: Moving From Care-Less to Care

This week Mary wonders if we are moving from one epoch to another and invites us to change the world (no biggie).

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Self–managed Teams: An insider’s story

Prof Helen Sanderson at TEDxUniversityofHertfordshire

Every time we diverge from the taken for granted way of being in the workforce and enact more compassion it is an act of mighty resistance. This is what it means to be a revolutionary.

Mary Freer

It can hurt to go through life with your heart open, but not as much as it does to go through life with your heart closed.

Dr James Doty

Could compassion be the new zeitgeist?

The whole world is watching the New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern as she steps up and shows us what Compassionate Leadership looks like. I’ve been curiously pulling this apart over the last week to try and understand what it is about her response that is so generative, so brave and fearless and all at once full of tenderness.

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When you look up at someone you light up their brain and start synchronising with them. And we each have the power to rewire both our brains, and those of the people we interact with.

Dr Fiona Kerr

Episode 3: Showing Up

This week we walk the Connected Hearts labyrinth and wonder about the four steps to compassion.

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Dr Robin Youngson

Episode 2: Just Like Me

Mary goes to the Ben Quilty exhibition and starts to think about how everyone is learning about life, just like the rest of us.

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Dr Gill Hicks MBE

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Prof Helen Sanderson

We urgently need to build a world where we are supported and encouraged to notice the distress in ourselves and others and act to alleviate that distress with the support from those around us.

Mary Freer

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Shannon Weber

Episode 1: Words That Shimmer

In this episode we meet words that we can carry with us that will help to create a world that is more compassionate, kind and courageous.

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Be the change you want to see: creating change in healthcare by Mary Freer

This talk was recorded live at Don’t Forget The Bubbles 2017 in Brisbane. Mary Freer discusses compassion in healthcare. Being compassionate means being present, being empathic, and being vulnerable.