Apply for a sponsored place

We have only 2 fully sponsored places remaining from our original 30 sponsored tickets. These places are for people who would really like to be at the conference and do not have the funds to buy a ticket.

We now have 6 partly sponsored tickets available for people who work in the NFP sector or have limited funds to invest in professional development. These places allow a $450 discount on the full price.

We encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, LGBTQI people, students/trainees and patients/consumers/volunteers to apply for a place. These tickets are being sponsored by Freerthinking.

Please apply for a fully or partly sponsored place by simply completing the form below and tell us in less than 100 words why you want one of these tickets. We will respond in the next 2 weeks. If you know of someone who would love a place then let them know.

All sponsored places close on Monday 2nd September COB.

Sponsored ticket application